Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Time Is It? Pop-Up Time!

With the success of the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food Nation and people clamoring for the next Pop-Up, we’ve decided to bring you a fusion of sorts with our MAN vs. HANK’S Pop-Up, Friday December 16, 2011.

THE BIG HAWAIIAN was seen around the world and it left the shop at 324 Coral Street faster than Elvis left a building.  So we brought his little but massive Brother, THE MENEHUNE, into the spotlight during MAN vs. FOOD WEEKEND earlier this month. 

THE MENEHUNE was SO popular, it’s going to make a second appearance at the MAN vs. HANK’s Pop-Up, which sold out in record fashion. 

Maybe that’s because in Hawaii, Menehunes are known to disappear? 

Or perhaps because it’s massively delicious? 

Whatever the case, don’t worry, we’re also introducing a cast of characters which includes the All New Hank’s Frank, a Gourmet Dog (at a steal of a deal for $2.95), and the Double Dog, (two dogs, one bun for $4.95), which will be available for purchase that day. 

So come on down and join in the fun before Hank’s Frank and the Double Dog learn from their Haute Hawaiian cousins and fly away!

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