Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Rein'in...

Straight out of the tundra of Alaska… Look!  It’s not up in the sky!  It’s not a bird or a plane (and why would you want to eat a plane?)…  Look, what’s that over there at Hank’s Haute Dogs?  It’s the:



OK, enough fanfare, we got the Reindeer Dog, a holiday favorite, making another cameo appearance on Hank’s Menu.  And don’t worry, our Reindeer are flightless, so you can rest assured and tell the kids (and the child in all of us) that Rudolph and his friends are still going to be dancing and prancing for years to come.  Unless they go on strike, but they can take that up with Santa!

Blended with beef, this lean full-flavored polish style sausage weighs in at nearly a 1/4 pound! It’s cooked on the grill and topped by condiments of our choice: mustard, ketchup, mayo, raw onion, and green relish.  With all those Christmas colors, it’s like cheer in your mouth!

The Reindeer will only be in town for the Holidays and we have a limited supply so hop on over to our Kaka’ako restaurant, Hank’s Haute Dogs, at 324 Coral Street fast!  They'll be flying out of here.... oops, sorry...  They dance and prance out the door, umm, you get the point, they sell out quickly so come and get'm!

(Starts Tuesday Dec. 6, Coral St. only)

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