Monday, April 11, 2011


All the diehard Italian Beef Sandwich fans count the days until Monday so they can get their fix in.  Then the Chicago expats were yelling, "gimme a combo" Beef with Italian Sausage and I said "I just can't find any of the good stuff here".  Then it hit me, duh, let's make our own! 

So my buddy Alan writes me to say how much he liked our new Italian Sausage Special on Mondays. That was really good to hear, made me proud.  Then I realized that, damn, I tested it, made it, I tasted it, but never had it in the whole prepared sandwich... grilled with Topher's Red Pepper Relish and grilled onion.... so I had one today and OMG was that good or what!!!!!!  I had gotten the recipe from my good friend Denny in Chicago who runs a little grocery/butcher shop in the 'old neighborhood'.  Simple, fresh and darn tasty!

PS.  We put it on our Chicago Deep Dish Sausage Pizzas on the first Wednesdays of the month too.  U getting hungry yet?

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