Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ok so we like pushing limits in our endless quest to make you all happy.  So this one is for our spicy hot lovers who never get enough heat.  I present to you a Portuguese on Fire.  Starring not Denzel but our own sausage best buddy, Kukui Spicy Portuguese Sausage.  Of course that just isn't quite enough for you eh?  How about a fiery 3-Alarm Ketchup on it?  Oh yah, Heinz blended with Sriracha, loads of fresh Hawaiian chilies aaand just because we were on a roll, some chili pepper water, that should slap your tongue around!  Throw on some grille onions for a little sanity and hot sport peppers for a little more insanity and we're looking at some serious heat!  Monday folks, get it while it HOT!

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