Saturday, November 14, 2009


OK, beginning this Monday we are one of over sixty restaurants participating in promoting the our largest industry here in Hawaii along with raising funds for the new Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head. Running through Sunday November 22, you can get more info at Check it out and eat out often!

Now as for hank's as we will feature a special dish for the entire week....

(as seen on Dining Out with Chai on 11.8.09)

So I happen to be a big fan of this dish and as you guessed it, once I get the hanker'n then I've gotta make it! A Southern French classic, it is really a white bean stew made with pork and sausage, duck or goose and sometimes lamb depending on the version. So I says, hell, we is a pork luv'n kind of island, making it local style is a piece of cake or... is that duck?

Take Chinese roast duck, pork belly and Portuguese sausage cook it for hours with white beans in duck fat and voila, we got some mouth magic going on! Ten bucks for the cause, it's served with two scoops rice and medium drink. So get in line and catch this Monday Special everyday of the next week.

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