Monday, October 26, 2009


Well it was a hell of a week for us with DDD here shooting hank's for their show that will probably air late winter. Now that's a joke for us here in Hawaii, winter! Anyway we were ecstatic to have been selected, what luck, so many deserving places that could of got in! It did take a lot of work however, two 15 hour days of early mornings, hot lights and retakes, all the while trying to keep up with our regular biz. The filming crew made it fun though, Kari, Matt, David and Neil were all so cool, keeping us upbeat and into the whole process. They'll make us look good.

Guy was an amazing fireball of energy and humor, nonstop with the one liners! He loved the Chicago Dog, the Fat Boy and was gaga over the duck fat fries with Curry Ketchup. Even though he was initially skeptical, he was also surprised to find that the Lobster Dog was really a unique treat.

And what a Guy! He was a charmer with little Audrey.

The show will also feature Rainbow Drive-In, Poke Stop, Highway Inn and Nico's. Guy was really digging the food in Hawaii, Spam, Kahlua Pig, luau food and Pipikaula. The boy knows how to eat! What a life eh, tasting all the great joints across the country, my own personal fantasy.

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