Friday, July 17, 2009


Who ever heard of such a thing! Well it's truuuu, this Sunday July 19 is the big day and at hank's
we have a lot to celebrate... our being named Top Ten in Bon Appetit of course, our second anniversary on Coral St. and our first anniversary at International Market Place. What a day, what a day, so to give back to our loyal fans and even the wanna b's, we're doin a special offer. Buy one dog and get one free! So what if we give away stuff, we are big time weiners man! So come and get'um folks, hot off the grill on a blazing July afternoon in Hawaii!

Fine print: Offer good at both locations, free dog is of equal or lesser value, not any less goodness.
(Remember, IMP has an abbreviated menu, still great stuff just not as much of it)

Hey who let the dawg out!

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