Saturday, June 27, 2009


Most people have heard of it, I've never been there personally but always wanted to go for what else but a Coney Island hot dog! Well I hadn't a clue what went into those dogs but a little research show that as with most regional specialities there are the inevitable variations. After consulting our local East Coast experts we stuck to the basics. We're in the middle of the Pacific I don't think we're going to piss anyone staunch New Yorker on ruining there view of the authentic CI Dog, hell I'm a Chicago kid so maybe I'll even make it better, oops, sorry. Monday is the day, have a taste of a legacy... a skinless and rather skinny all beef dog smothered in chili meat sauce that will stick with you for days add a slather of mustard and a sprinkle of onion if you please and there you have it... a Hawaiian Island... I mean, THE CONEY ISLAND HOT DOG! What kind of Island is Brooklyn anyway.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I got this affection for great submarine sandwiches and there's a joint (now a chain) in the mainland called Potbelly that makes one that is a personal favorite. It's called a Wreck; ham, turkey, roast beef and cheese. It's toasted and put together with shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, mustard, herbs, oil and vinegar. Damn is that good and if eating it doesn't make you a wreck then... have two but that's the limit folks, 2 per gourmand cuz I only have 10. Feeling lucky... well ya bedda come early. (Was going to take a photo, but I ate it, sorry, now we got 9)

So Mondays look like they're becoming a sandwich thing so join us this coming one for a designer sub. OoLaLa!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


At one point in my search for breads I thought that European style pumpernickel didn't exist here on the island.  Well I at least found one place with the goods man, Fritz's Deli on Dillingham.  They make really good rye breads and their Bauerbrot was what I was looking, dark and dense, 90% rye.  I love grilled cheese, even the white bread with American Cheese ones but I have a variation that is my favorite.  So Monday it's Swiss on Pumpernickel slathered with lots of butter and grilled toasty. Plain and simple.  Sehr gut Fritz!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


OK, you know that when I get cravings Monday Specials is the perfect place for me to get some self serving satisfaction.  So I was having this food memory of a Char-Cheddar Burger and voolah, here you have it!  Grilled Angus Beef with soft White Cheddar, yum, dress it the way you like it and you got a killer sandwich. Dogs, burgers, hey, they're in the same food group... good.