Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yes, yes, I know it some of the best thing on earth but we gotta have some rules about ordering Da Beef!  The growing popularity of this Chicago mainstay sandwich has created some GREED in getting our first Mondays of the month special. So here are the new rules in ordering... first come first served (no more phone ahead on this),  a limit of 2 sandwiches per customer and extra giardiniera peppers are 50 cents each.  So I can already hear the whining but hey, share the love man!
If that doesn't work for you, go take your tuna fish sandwich and play in your own backyard.


Gentle Koele said...

GORGEOUS! What a vision of gastronomical loveliness!
Smart you to only take first come first served and a limit! These sandwiches ROCK!! As do you! And if I am
not mistaken - should we be wishing you a Hauoli La Hanau in a weeks' time? A hui hou!

Rachel said...

You crack me up, Hank!! I've never tried that one but I'm gonna have to now that I know it's THAT good! I'm only one away from a T-Shirt!!!

Hank said...

I tell you, we got the best of fans! Mahalo guys, love ya!