Friday, February 13, 2009


In the wake of my nano second debut on Anthony Bourdain's show, No Reservations, I heard rumors of an obscure creation called the Mother-in-Law shown on his Chicago segment.  How did I escape my hometown missing this strange concoction?  We it certainly tickled my palate's interest?  It's a South Side thing where you take a tamale, slaps it into a bun, pour on chili and then throws on some cheese.  Not mean enough for ya?  How about some onions and hot sauce on top of it too, now that's bitch'n.  Sounded good to me,  so what the hell, lets live dangerously and put it on Monday's Special!

Here it is then... 

"hard to handle and bound to give you indigestion"

Divorce any notions of self respect and give it a fling!  
(Coral St. only)


b ill said...

I am extremely saddened that I missed this.

J said...

I saw that episode as it was a "no reservations" marathon that day. this one sounds tasty. unlike the other one on the same episode- tamale and hotdog on a bun.