Sunday, February 22, 2009


From the mad mind of Michael 
(Hank's son who runs Coral St):

This Monday's special is one I have been waiting to unveil for quite some time now.  The Currywurst!

When we first opened, Ashley got the inspiration for our spicy curry ketchup from an article about a sausage shop in Germany that was known for it the namesake dog.  What they did is add curry powder to a batter mixture that is used to deep fry a bratwurst with.  Most popular choice of sauce with the dog was, you guessed it, ketchup.  It looked tantalizing!  After Ashley made our inspired dipping sauce, I started thinking of methods to produce a different version of that Currywurst.  Lots of trails, not too many errors, they all tasted good but I narrowed it down to one.

I think a lot of people will get a kick out of this one.  I start with our popular Vienna Beef bratwurst in a plain bun.  Now the magic begins, I place a onion rings on top then drizzle a generous amount of our curry ketchup on top the whole thing.  Lastly is a sprinkle of the Thai curry powder used in the sauce...  Wnderbar!

So get ready for Monday, you don't want to miss this tasty creation!

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Kristin L said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and having just moved to Hawai'i from Germany, got all excited at the prospect of currywurst! I'll have to come in and try it, though it sounds very different from the Fest fare I'm used to. The typical street vendor version in the parts of Germany where I lived was a mild brat or wiener smothered in ketchup that had been doctored up with the curry spices and then a sprinkling of curry spice on top for good measure. served with fries or a broetchen (closest to a sourdough roll). Next time I'm in town I'm definitely going to visit Hanks!