Monday, January 12, 2009


I just finished reading a great food blog from two well traveled local guys traveling eating at wide range of restaurants.  There is much food writing on the Internet these days and since taking pictures of dishes has become commonplace even at the most exclusive restaurants, you can almost taste it.  I find these guys describe a relationship to the experience of food, who they are, what they do and how they eat, it is all very visceral.  It's refreshing since I see a lot of people use the opportunity on forums or blogs to play critic, which is to me a right that should truly be earned.  Just take look at Yelp, what a zoo!   It is amazing what people can say under the cover of anonymity. 

Anyway, it’s nice to read educated, well and responsibly written food, novice or professional.   Check out and it’s not just because we’re in it, there are some really cool restaurant they write about, of course that's in MY opinion!


Annie Moriyasu said...

Hank, I just left a comment on degustation but realized it should be on yours. How about a seasonal starfruit salsa to go on the chicken dog??? I got tons. Lemme know. Annie

ck &/or ph said...

Thanks for your support. It's really an honor for PH and I to know that someone of your experience and pedigree can enjoy our eating tales. The arrival of Hank's has brought national credibility and notice to our local food scene.

We are glad that our passion for CUISINE is shared.


Hank said...

Starfruit, sounds like a good one, got any left, I'd love to play with them.

Thanks for guys like you, culinary change is eminent. Keep up the food adventures, I love reading about them.