Sunday, November 30, 2008

MONDAY SPECIAL- December 1st

The first Monday of every month we bring to you the rarely seen other speciality of Chicago, Da Beef!  Slow wet-roasted sirloin cooked with Italian seasoning is thin slice and served in thick Italian Bread dripping with its flavorful aus jus that makes Philly Cheese Steaks seem pale in comparison (sorry you guys).  Add some roasted green peppers and/or spicy giardinara (pickled peppers with vegetables) and you got one damn good and BIG sandwich.  These will make any Windy City person drool so better grab one while they last, it'll be worth the trip.  Oh, and boyz, save one for me please, dipped!

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b ill said...

aw man. I could use one of these sandwiches right about now. tasty!