Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Oh there is such a need for great pizza in Honolulu! So Bill decided to show us his Chicago Deep Dish talents last week at hank's.  Nice job!  Spot on pie that would have made wonder if he stole the recipe from Lou Malnati's back home.  Start drooling!


lesagriff said...

Have you tried Antonio's across from Kahala Mall? They make their own sauce fresh. I like the spinach and ricotta pie. Enjoying your blog Henry! Check out mine:

Hank said...

I've had there thin crust, do they make thick? Do make it over to JJ though, just there again and it was some darn good za. I'll come over to your blog asap!

b ill said...

Wow. There's my Pie! Hey, if you need the store occupied in the evening, I could imagine a moonlighting pizza shop.