Tuesday, November 25, 2008


OK, we waded through thick and thin to arrive on another plane, the virtual world of pizza. So in contemplating the experience of eating further, I immediately thought of a dish we served at Trio in the days of Chef Achatz, "Pizza".  This takes some concentration, here's what you're looking at.... a wafer smaller than a postage stamp made from vegetable starch is coated with the extracted oils of mozzarella cheese, dusted with dehydrated tomato, fennel pollen, garlic and a few other spices.  It is being presented on the tip of a needle stuck in wax.  Carefully removed, one places it on the tongue to be totally immersed in the flavors of a sausage pizza!  Crazy yes but as part of a serious 24 course tasting menu, it becomes humorously entertaining.  Satisfying? Not terribly, intriguing, most definitely, like taking the breath mint strips in a u-turn.  

So will food evolve further to end up here?  Someone is bound to discover ways to induce mouth feel, texture and perhaps even the sensation of fullness.   Hell, I guess food manufacturers have been doing this for years, producing stuff that tasted like something else but really only a fabricated sense of it.  isn't.  Somethings are marketed so well that it has redefined what is "real" to point where the masses prefer the artificial over the original. 

A new reality, it seems inevitable that each generation develops their own definition of what is real  Good reason to eat in the past sometimes... what'll you like on your hot dog please...

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