Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, it kinda goes like this...

Long, long ago, in beautiful Honolulu, I almost was born. Missing the boat, I popped out a few months later in Los Angeles just after my family moved to the mainland. Nine years later we moved to Chicago, a damn cold city and after a few winters it confirmed the notion that anyone leaving Hawaii made a big mistake. Not only did I get chumped on the chance of being raised in tropical paradise, but the kicker was that my parents had owned a concession stand called The Beach Grill just off Waikiki Beach. Growing up I heard all the tall stories about tons of hot dogs, coca cola shave ice and life on the beach, damn, a young boy's fantasy! I'd been trying to get back here to Hawaii ever since.  Two years ago I finally made it.

Photo: Adaniya Family farewell from Honolulu Airport 2.25.54. Hank is hiding in Mom's belly

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