Monday, October 20, 2008


Well find out for yourself when we debut them at Coral St. on Saturday October 25th.  Fries are my favorite food of course,   I like them any shape any size, frozen to gourmet, with catsup to mayonnaise, I’ll eat them cold, old and nasty if they laying around,  it's an obsession.   Always looking for the Holy Grail of fries, these are pretty decadent.  Idaho Castle Rock potatoes are soaked, blanched then cooked in rendered Magret Duck Fat pomme frite style yielding a unique rich flavor.  Lightly seasoned with Hawaiian Alea salt, we'll serve them on Saturdays and Sundays at our Coral St. location only.  

My good friend Doug Sohn at Hot Dougs introduced this innovation several years back, just before his first location burned to the ground, save the duck fat.  Although my first inspiration for hank’s came from Top Dog in Berkley, California, Hot Dougs was the impetus to pursue my own hot dog fantasy.  If you ever get to Chicago, it is on my “must do” list but be prepared to stand in line for quite a while, he has quite a following.  I must also credit him for our Saturday special,  Foie Gras Dog, which is the perfect accompaniment for these fries.  Go ahead, indulge in a little ecstasy!


Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!! I have been waiting for this

As ever you are Awesome and so is your food!
Congratulations to you and the family with
your precious Åudrey! A hui hou & Aloha!

Anonymous said...


I just read the Star-Bulletin article about your Duck Fat fries and was going to ask if you stole it from Doug's but I see you gave him credit. But I wouldn't have cared anyway, I just want to get my hands on them.

Just went to Alinea and it was really fun. You'll have to get Grant to do a molecular dog.

Thanks for the great dogs!


Unknown said...


It's great to know that Top Dog was an inspiration to you. I went to Cal and I really miss those dogs -- I think I must have averaged about 6-8 a week, as the one on southside of campus was right next to my dorm and a good alternative to dorm food (!). I like your chicken dog a lot and I do love Chicago Style.

I was wondering if you could offer Top Dog style Bird Dogs or Lemon Dogs (I have high cholestrol so I have to be careful). But otherwise, the hot links and New Yorks were also great.

Anyway, it's great to have a speciality dog outfit here on the island. Keep it up, Hank.